Barack Obama at the memorial as seen at White House Internet site

January 14, 2010 – Washington, DC

Obama’s great speech during a bad show / Thoughts on the Giffords shooting / Really bad congressional ideas for security / Remember what the left said about the Ft. Hood massacre? / The Greening of CPAC / ACLJ files suit against GZ mosque / More Christians killed in Egypt / More Christian blood to be shed in Sudan? / In Denmark, don’t talk about the Muslims
LIBERALS AND MEDIA TAKE AIM AT FEMALE CONSERVATIVES – Various newspapers and World Net Daily have published my new Op-ed on the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and the attempt to blame the act of a deranged male on female conservatives.
NEW JANUARY 12th CHAIRMAN’S REPORTIssues highlights: Media ignores Ground Zero community center under construction. Terrorists are just folks, too. Obama finds Muslim victims where they don’t exist. Oath on oldest American Bible. Court says war memorial cross must go. Elton John, “married” to another man, becomes a daddy. CPAC goes gay-er. The real war on Christmas.

Female Marine goes PC in Afghanistan GREAT SPEECH, BAD SHOW – Conservative Columnist Charles Krauthammer praised Obama’s speech as a “remarkable display of oratory and of oratorical skill, both in terms of the tone and the content.” In his address, much to the shock of the left-wing media, he called for an end to hateful finger pointing after the attack. That was the good part … but unfortunately Obama’s supporters decided to turn the memorial into a campaign rally, complete with distribution of free t-shirts. Instead of being a solemn event, the memorial resembled an Obama pep rally with the president of Arizona University praising Mr. Obama for being “visionary” and “courageous.” Students who stuffed the hall regularly cheered, clapped, whistled and hollered as the president basked in his glory. My response: “We can do better than this.” 


THOUGHTS ON THE GIFFORDS SHOOTING – The last time a congressman was shot, it was political. Puerto Rican nationals invaded the Capitol Building in 1954 and shot at congressmen from the gallery. Five congressman were wounded in the attack. For historical reasons, the bullet holes in the desks were never repaired. Unlike the 1954 incident, there was absolutely nothing political about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. That, however, did not stop the left from blaming female conservatives such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann for the attack. The attacks on Palin and others were so disgusting that polls showed the vast majority of Americans disagreed. At the height of the left’s attacks and before the Obama speech, I wrote an op-ed exposing the left’s false and viscous attacks. Read op-ed.
SOME REALLY ODD REACTIONS – I really like Congressman Peter King (R-NY), who is the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. He has promised hearings into the growing Islamic threat to America. However, his reaction to the shooting in Tuscon was a little bizarre. He wants to pass a law making it illegal to carry a gun within 1,000 feet of a congressman. Hello! My congressman drives 60 miles a day each way back and forth to Washington, DC. How is this enforced? Elected officials are not stationary; they move around and people who have valid reasons to have firearms would not know of their presence but would be breaking the law. Note: there are three major sporting goods stores that sell guns within 1,000 feet of my congressman’s Virginia constituent office. What do they, close their doors when he is in his office? Bills proposed by other congressmen are even more ridiculous. Freedom carries risks. Americans can only be totally protected when they are willing to give up all of their freedom.


WHAT FORT HOOD SHOOTING? – Within a few days after Islamic radical Major Nidal Hasan fired more than 200 shots at Ft. Hood, killing 13 and wounding 30, the story vanished from the mainstream media. Newspapers such a s the New York Times and Washington Post, which now blame conservative talk radio and politicians such as Sarah Palin for the Tuscon shootings, could find no link at all between Hasan and Islam. This was despite his chants of “Allah Akbar” as he shot down innocent men and women. No, this is not just a double standard; it is flat out bias against conservatives mixed with a fear of Islam.  
THE GREENING OF CPAC – The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has become a major event in Washington, DC each February, attracting many aspiring presidential candidates. As the conference grew, it unfortunately became corrupted, accepting sponsorships from groups that can hardly be called part of the conservative movement, including anti-traditional family organizations like GO-PROUD and the ACLU. The Religious Freedom Coalition dropped out several years ago when CPAC refused to allow a discussion on Islam. Then Liberty University dropped out in 2009. This year the Family Research Counsel as well as Concerned Woman of America have dissociated themselves from CPAC. This comes at a time that the CPAC parent, the American Conservative Union, has reported nearly $400,000 in missing funds on its tax return. Chairman David Keene is reportedly stepping down, but cold hard cash has so overcome the conservative principles of the organization that it may be too late.


ACLJ FILES SUIT AGAINST GZ MOSQUE – The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), representing 9/11 first responder firefighter Tim Brown, filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against any demolition at the proposed site of the Ground Zero mosque. the lawsuit states that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his office illegally assisted the developer, Sharif al-Gamal. In addition, ACLJ counsel Brett Joshpe, requested discovery in the case because the mayor’s office has failed to respond to Freedom of Information Law requests. Mayor Bloomberg is not the only one refusing to divulge information. The State Department continues to stonewall requests under the Freedom of Information law made by the Religious Freedom Coalition and Judicial Watch, concerning the State Department’s relationship with Imam Feisal Rauf.  
NO 911 MOSQUE – Visit the RFC site dedicated to the Ground Zero mosque controversy at

Pastor Wilson Augustine set on fire by Muslims MORE CHRISTIANS KILLED IN EGYPT –At the beginning of the year a car bomb in Alexandria killed Christians during a church service, and then a few days later an Egyptian off-duty police officer boarded a commuter train, sought out Christians and opened fire killing one and wounding others. Coptic Christians gathered Thursday, January 12th in Zabbaleen, a Christian suburb of Cairo to peacefully protest the fatal attacks and were immediately surrounded by Egyptian police who fired live bullets and gas bombs into the crowd. Read more 
CHRISTIANS OF THE SUDAN – The media has reported broadly on the independence vote of the “southern Sudanese.” One article noted that 150,000 “southern Sudanese” had fled the north in anticipation of the south becoming independent. A bloody civil war between north and south is mentioned frequently. The only word missing from the headlines and the stories is “Christian.” More than 2 1/2 million Christian southerners were murdered by the Muslim north, headed by President for life Omar al-Bashir. If the independence vote calls for succession there will probably be another brutal war against the Christians of the south.
IN DENMARK, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT – A member of Parliament in Denmark has been found guilty of “hate speech” because he mentioned honor killings in the Muslim community. Now a professor is facing jail time for exposing the kidnapping of non Muslim girls (unbelievers) for use as sexual slaves. Apparently the Danes have decided to prosecute those who expose Muslim crimes while ignoring the crimes themselves, even if it involves human slavery. Read more 

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