Report From Washington, May 13, 2011

Assata Shakur FBI poster

Assata Shakur FBI poster

In this issue: How the Obama’s celebrated Police Week / Obama’s same-sex Navy marriages / Proposed law would empower international religious freedom / Ten Commandments Weekend a reality in Kansas / The bankrupt but gay-friendly state / Another honor killing in Michigan / Another mega mosque for New York City / More attacks on Egyptian Christians / More Christians die in Nigeria / Stop aid to Pakistan

For “Police Week” President Obama and the First Lady invited a rapper to the White House who has written racist songs that call for killing cops. One of the songs celebrates a cop killer with a $1 million FBI reward on her head. So committed is the rapper, named Common, that he even named his daughter Assata Shakur, after a convicted cop killer. The White House responded that his words have been taken out of context. Common attended the same church as Barack Obama for 20 years, where the pastor was controversial black racist Jeremiah Wright. 
SAME-SEX NAVY MARRIAGES – This week the Navy, with the blessings of the White House, gave an official OK for chaplains to marry homosexuals. In military terms “OK” means chaplains were ordered to conduct same-sex marriages. Within 48 hours the order was rescinded after it was pointed out that the Navy is not a sovereign State and that there is an existing federal law against same-sex marriage. 

EMPOWER INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM – Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced legislation to amend the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA), to make international religious freedom a greater priority. Wolf authored the 1998 law establishing the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Office at the State Department, headed by an ambassador at-large, and creating the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Among the new legislation requirementss, the Secretary of State in coordination with the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury and the U.S. Agency for International Development, must issue a one-time report to Congress on the best uses of foreign assistance to promote religious freedom and religious engagement. Read more

TEN COMMANDMENTS WEEKEND – For nearly a decade I have been working with the Ten Commandments Commission to pass a Congressional resolution designating the first weekend in May as Ten Commandments Weekend. A key sponsor of the resolution in the Senate was Sam Brownback who is now governor of Kansas. This year Governor Brownback did indeed issue a Proclamation making every first weekend in May “Ten Commandments Weekend” in Kansas 
BANKRUPT BUT GAY FRIENDLY – The California Senate has passed a bill requiring public schools to be “gay friendly.” The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful Education Act (FAIR) requires teaching about the history of the homosexual movement. Textbooks, class studies and materials would be required to treat favorably homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders. The bashing of white men, Jews, Christians, the Founding Fathers of the nation and anything European would still be permitted unless, of course, they were found to be gay. Not wanting to look too foolish, the California legislature is also working to outlaw square bottom sheets on hotel beds. The proposed law would require hotels and motels to have fitted sheets. There was no word as to whether the fitted sheets were “gay friendly.” At some time in the future the California legislature plans on looking into the fact that the state is bankrupt and can’t pay its bills or salaries.
ANOTHER HONOR KILLING IN MICHIGAN – A Muslim man tracked his stepdaughter through four states, at last finding the girl, who had escaped her home in Minnesota and was trying to hide from him. He had threatened to kill her for bringing “dishonor” to his family. The “dishonor” was acting like a typical American girl. Rahim Alfetlawi found Jessica Mokdad, 20, in Warren, Michigan and killed her.
APRIL 28th CHAIRMAN’S REPORT ONLINE – In this April 28th issue: The Peace Prize President / Ignoring the New Nazis / John McCain Fronts for Obama / Senator Reid Drops “Under God” from Pledge / Congressional Resolution Proposed to Honor King James Bible / Cleared, then Murdered for Blasphemy / Good Friday Disaster Averted in Indonesia

ANOTHER NEW YORK MEGA MOSQUE – While plans to build a mega mosque at Ground Zero get most of the media attention, another hotly contested mosque construction project is already underway not far away in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. Local residents have protested and formed a group called Bay People and another called Sheepshead Bay Patriots. They have sought an injunction to stop the mosque construction, but their request was thrown out by Judge Mark Partnow on May 10, 2011. Read more

MORE ATTACKS ON EGYPTIAN CHURCHES – Two more churches in Egypt were attacked and destroyed. At least 12 died and hundreds of Christians were injured defending the churches from mobs of Muslim men. At St. Mary’s, police did not arrive at the scene until two full hours after the attacks began. There was no mention of the atrocities by the Obama White House and no pressure is being placed on the Egyptian government to stop the attacks against religious minorities.  
MORE CHRISTIANS DIE IN NIGERIA – At least 16 people were killed in a pre-dawn attack Friday in the Christian village of Kurum in northern Nigeria. The Muslim attackers, which the Western media referred to as “unidentified gunmen,” attacked a farming village in Bauchi state killing at least 16 Christians. More than 20 houses were burned to the ground. There was no condemnation of the attacks by the White House or the State Department. A pastor’s account of the murder of his wife and daughter.
WHY WE SHOULD DE-FUND PAKISTAN – Read my latest opinion editorial on why the billions of dollars of funding to Pakistan must be stopped. Pakistan is oppressive and repressive. Religious minorities are persecuted in Pakistan and much of our money is going to fund a nuclear program that threatens democratic India.

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