Chairman’s Report for October 25th, 2012


Ignoring the victims of terror – The day before the election, November 5th, is the third anniversary of the jihad attack by Major Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirteen of our service members died, as well as one unborn baby.  None of our service personnel were armed, making them easy targets as Hasan screamed “Allah Akbar!” and began shooting.

President Barack Hussein Obama refuses to designate Hasan’s assault on Ft. Hood as terrorism even though Hasan referred to himself as a “soldier of Islam.” As a result of Obama’s refusal, the families of the dead and the injured have been refused combat compensation.

Muslim terrorist Hasan

Major Nidal Hasan in his orange jumpsuit awaits a military trial for “workplace violence”

President Obama will not even issue Purple Hearts to the victims – not to the families of the dead, and not to those who were wounded.

Barack Obama and his Department of Defense insist Hasan’s attack was mere “workplace violence” and was “isolated” and therefore not terrorism or combat. Yet President Obama ordered the assassination of Hasan’s jihadist partner and instructor in the attack, American-born Al-Qaeda collaborator Anwar al-Awlaki. A CIA drone killed al-Awlaki and several others in Yemen in September, 2011. It was the first execution ever of a US citizen without trial by our government.

If Major Nidal Hasan acted alone and the jihad attack at Ft. Hood was mere “workplace violence,” why was retribution required on al-Awlaki? Because the killing wasn’t retribution at all; it was because Obama needed to shut al-Awlaki up and stop his bragging about the attack on Ft. Hood. With al-Awlaki taking credit for the shooting, Obama could not classify it as “workplace violence.” All those involved other than Hasan had to be eliminated.

The Joint-Chiefs of the military wanted al-Awlaki dead as well, not because of the current threat he posed, but because of how embarrassed they were for having welcomed him as an honored guest and speaker at the Pentagon shortly after the 9-11 jihad attack.

Although three of the hijackers of American Airlines flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon were associated with al-Awlaki, the red carpet was rolled out to him and other radical Muslims in Virginia shortly after the attack, in a striking example of political correctness gone insane. It would have been akin to Franklin Roosevelt asking the Japanese Ambassador to lunch at the White House the day after Pearl Harbor.

The families of the dead, and the living victims, are so furious with the “workplace violence” designation and resulting reduced compensation that they have filed a $750 million lawsuit against the federal government. The lawsuit is more about the refusal of the Purple Hearts and the stealing of honor than about money, but compensation is an issue as well.

The living victims and the families of the dead have formed an organization called The Truth About Fort Hood and have produced a striking video in which those who were there, including the officer who was in a final gun fight with Hasan, speak out.

The video is located at

Every American voter should watch this video before November 6th. Please watch it and urge others to watch it as well. Links to it have been posted in stories at the Religious Freedom Coalition Internet site and our associated social media site.

Obama and the War on Women – President Barack Hussein Obama constantly refers to the “war on women” in terms of abortion. Apparently the President believes that all American women are so stupid that the only two issues they are concerned with are getting free birth-control pills worth $9 a month, and unlimited abortions in case the birth control pills don’t work. He does not believe that female voters care about any economic issues such has high unemployment or the bleak future of Social Security and Medicare. Obama probably can’t handle the reality that most African-American women are against same-sex marriage.

Obama is so fixated on the sex issue that he believes in his heart that the vast majority of women want unrestricted abortions. However, polls show that the vast majority of women are actually against unrestricted abortions. Even among those who want abortion to be legal, as many as 65% believe there must be some restrictions including a 24-hour “cooling off” wait between signing the contract and actually getting the abortion.

The real war on women, the Islamic war on women, is totally ignored by Obama. There is not one critical word from him or from Hillary Clinton or any member of his Administration on the constant denigration of women in Islamic majority nations. The overthrow of secular governments fostered by Barack Obama and called the “Arab Spring,” now has school kids in Tunisia singing songs of praise to Osama bin-Laden and flags of jihad are waved at political rallies. But one of the worst aspects of Obama’s Arab Spring is the destruction of women’s rights.

A good example of Obama’s Arab Spring nightmare for women can be found in Article 68 of the new Egyptian constitution: “The state shall take all measures to establish the equality of women and men in the areas of political, cultural, economic and social life, as well as all other areas, insofar as this does not conflict with the rulings of Islamic Shariah.” Sharia law relegates women to second class citizens who are the virtual property of men.

Similar statutes are in the new constitutions for Tunisia and Libya. When Obama visited Saudi Arabia on one of his famous “apologize for America” tours he bowed to King Abdullah, a man who outright owns the women in his family. Women in Saudi Arabia have virtually no rights and having an abortion is punishable by death. No problem for Obama. He has no criticism for Islamic nations that bar abortion. Obama lives a life of double standards when it comes to Islam. He made his view of Islam perfectly clear when he said that the evening call to Islamic prayer was, “The most beautiful sound in the world.”

Obama appoints Israel hater to Human Rights Conference –  President Barack Hussein Obama sent Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) Director Salam Al Marayati to represent the United States at a human rights conference in Warsaw, Poland despite his radical Muslim and anti-Israel views.

Al-Marayati and Barack Obama

Obama with his buddy, anti-Israel zealot Salam al-Marayati at the White House.

Shortly after 9/11, Al Marayati claimed that Israel could be responsible for the bloody attack on the New York and the Pentagon. His organization has also lobbied the U.S. to remove Hamas and Hezbollah from the list of designated terrorist groups. In fact, MPAC has compared Hezbollah to American “freedom fighters hundreds of years ago whom the British regarded as terrorists.”

In a 1997 speech at the University of Pennsylvania, Al Marayati refused to call Hezbollah a terrorist group and claimed Hamas was simply a provider of social and educational programs. Hezbollah is responsible for the 1983 bombing of the American Marine barracks in Lebanon where hundreds were killed and wounded. Hezbollah is also responsible for dozens of attacks on Israeli civilians and ethnic cleansing of Christians from Lebanon’s southern areas.

MPAC – and its leader – view Israel as being established through terrorism – and claim Israel has been “involved in the unjust and illegal usurpation of Muslim and Christian land and rights.” According to MPAC, Israelis are “the worst terrorists in the world.”

While attending the Warsaw conference, Al Marayati told participants: “Hate speech that intends to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence against someone based on religion is harmful.” Clearly, he is calling for an international ban on free speech that is critical of Islam, something that Obama appeared to agree with during a recent speech at the United Nations.

Obama chose a supporter of Hezbollah to represent America at a conference on human rights. This appointment should alert Americans to the treatment of Israel during a second term.

Obama Administration: Bible publisher not religious – The Obama administration claims that a Christian publisher of Bibles and Christian ministry materials is not “religious enough” for an exemption from the contraception mandate in ObamaCare.

In a federal lawsuit, Tyndale House Publishers said it was refused a “religious employer” exemption because the Health and Human Services Department maintains that any for-profit business is not a “religious employer.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing Tyndale, called the rule an unconstitutional and arbitrary threat to religious freedom. “Bible publishers should be free to do business according to the book that they publish,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “To say that a Bible publisher is not religious is patently absurd.

The Obama Administration has exempted virtually all Islamic institutions from the mandate including Islamic schools.


UK – Yet another doctor who is a terrorist – Dr. Shajul Islam, 26, has been charged with his role in kidnapping British photographer John Cantlie and Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans in July of this year. Dr. Islam, who is from Stratford, east London, has a first-class degree in biochemistry and trained to be a doctor at St. Bartholomew’s and at the University of London hospital. He was apparently a leader of an Islamic terror cell that was dedicated to establishing an Islamic government in Syria.

He is not the first Muslim doctor charged with terrorism. In 2007 another doctor attempted to bomb the passenger terminal at the Glasgow Airport in the UK.

Muslim physicians have provided key roles in modern times for Islamic groups dedicated to terror. I have a list of dozens of Muslim doctors who have practiced or directed terror. Just a few include Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the Al-Qaeda mastermind who was number two under Osama bin Laden  and Dr. Abu Hafiza, the Al-Qaeda master planner who was the brains and commander of the Moroccan cell that provided logistics for the 9/11 attacks.

America has felt the pain from Muslim doctors. Dr. Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi blew himself up in the CIA headquarters at Camp Chapman in December, 2009 killing several CIA officers. Dr. Nidal Hasan, mentioned above, was the Ft. Hood killer.

EGYPT – Christian murdered for not handing over wife – Ali Hussein, a 35-year-old Muslim gang leader in Abdelmassih, Egypt invaded a home at 7:00 AM on Sunday, October 21st and demanded that Hiyam Zaki Zaher, the 25 year old Christian mother of two children, come live with him as one of his concubines. Having received a warning, her husband had hidden her outside the village and as a result he was shot dead. Hussein’s gang invaded the house when they heard the shots and began shooting, killing Zaher’s father and wounding three other family members. All of the family’s livestock was also killed.

Ali Hussein’s blood thirsty Muslim gang was so anxious to kill Christians that they accidentally killed Hussein. Salafis and other supporters of Hussein surrounded the hospital and demanded revenge against Christians because a Muslim man had died.  They were chanting that “Hussein is the beloved of the Prophet”.

The police showed up nine hours after they were first called by the Christians for protection and four hours after the murders. This is “justice” under the new Muslim Brotherhood rule that President Barack Hussein Obama helped to install in Egypt.

Welcome to Obama’s new Egyptian Arab Spring! The very sad truth is that not only is the Muslim Brotherhood championed by the Obama Administration, but the American media and the church in American are silent about the persecution of Christians in Muslim nations
American Christians need to pray for their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, but they also need to publicly work to stop the outrageous abuses that occur.

 William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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