Chairman’s Report for January 17th, 2013

by William J. Murray

Hot Tub Multiculturalism

A chance encounter reminded me of the true dangers of the liberalism in the West that allows those who hate us to enjoy our culture.

There were about six people in the whirlpool, including a Jewish couple from New Jersey, a Muslim businessman from Guinea Africa and myself. Someone mentioned drug use in the United States among the youth and with a broad smile the Muslim businessman said, “We don’t have that problem in Guinea — if someone has drugs or guns they are executed.”

I looked at him calmly and said, “Yes, and if a Muslim converts to Christianity he is executed as well.” The Muslim’s smile turned quickly into a straight face and his eyes filled with hatred. The Jewish couple, realizing they were in a hot tub with a man who would be willing to cut their throats if they were found in Guinea, quickly exited. Within a minute just the Muslim and I remained in the tub. He said to me, “We have freedom of worship in our nation and respect other religions.” He thought that I could be fooled as easily as former President George W. Bush or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That was not the case.

Family of Pastor Michel Loua“Really,” I replied. “Tell me then why your president ordered the brutal torture, execution and mutilation of Pastor Michel Loua?” The reply from the Muslim was swift: “That was a special case. Those who are born Christians are not bothered.” He then smiled and said, “You should visit our nation.” I replied that I had visited most of Africa, including the Sudan, on fact finding missions, but given the fact that I valued my life I had no plans on visiting his nation any time soon. At that point the Muslim smiled, bid me good day and departed, leaving me alone in the whirlpool.

I had written about the execution of Pastor Michel Loua in 2010. In 2006 he and his family came to the United States so he could attend seminary in preparation to preach in Guinea. He graduated in 2009 with a master’s degree from Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas. He and his family were members of the Rosewood Baptist Church, and in December, 2008 he preached a revival there.

Loua returned to Guinea in June, 2010 and was arrested within a few weeks. He was literally offered as a human sacrifice to “enhance” the leadership of the president.  One news source said that “according to Guinea Muslim beliefs, it was necessary to kill an infidel (non-Muslim) to insure the new leadership’s success. Loua was reportedly tortured, shot through the heart, and his body mutilated.”

Pastor Loua was born a Muslim and accepted Jesus as Savior at the age of twenty-two. After his conversion he survived, among other things, a stoning by his Muslim relatives.

At the time of his death he had been married to Elisabeth for 15 years and had three children — a fourteen-year-old son and two daughters, aged twelve and four. At the time of his murder by President Alpha Condé, his wife was expecting a fourth child.

Occasionally my wife and I take a seven day cruise in early December or January when the prices are about half off. The meeting above with the African businessman occurred on a medium sized cruise ship in the Caribbean, and as a result I was to cross paths with him a couple of other times during the week, including once as he was seated with two of his wives for lunch.


Newsweek Obama GayObama’s gay inauguration – The only evangelical religious leader scheduled for Obama’s second inauguration, a pastor from Georgia, has now been forced to withdraw. What was the crime of Pastor Louis Giglio? It seems that back in the 1990′s, he once delivered a pro-marriage sermon that homosexuals called “homophobic.”

The White House quickly distanced itself from the evangelical leader – and said his participation would not have reflected their desire to have a diverse inaugural. “We were not aware of Pastor Giglio’s past comments at the time of his selection and they don’t reflect our desire to celebrate the strength and diversity of our country at this Inaugural,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee spokesperson Addie Whisenant.” Translation: Champion homosexuality or you are not welcome here.

Meanwhile Obama picked a Cuban-American “gay poet” named Richard Blanco to serve as “Inaugural Poet.” Blanco has written numerous poems critical of heterosexuals and in particular his grandmother. Newsweek magazine’s most recent cover depicted Obama as “the first gay president.”

The new Cabinet members – Obama has appointed several controversial men to his cabinet. The main lightning rod so far is his pick for Secretary of Defense, former two term GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, who is a decorated Vietnam veteran. Critics point to his many anti-Israel and pro-Iranian statements, but miss the point. The White House makes the policy and the Cabinet members just follow that policy.

Hagel was picked because of his positions, not in spite of them, and critics should be more vocal in pointing out that fact. Rather than be critical of Hagel for his anti-Israel statements, Senators should be asking the White House if this is the current position of the United States and if that is why Hagel was chosen.

Congressman against Obama’s tanks and jets for Egypt – President Barack Obama knows full well that the tanks and jets he is sending to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will eventually be used against Israel, but has cleared the sale anyway. Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL) has joined the chorus of critics asking Obama to stop the shipments of 20 American F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to Egypt.

“Simply put, the U.S. should not be providing military assistance to a regime that supports Hamas and is looking more and more like a dictatorship than a trustworthy democracy,” Buchanan wrote.

Obama just can’t criticize Islamic murders – It is a Muslim tradition in Nigeria to invade Christian churches during Christmas services and murder worshipers. For Christmas 2012, even with heavy security limiting the carnage, three churches were invaded and more than 30 killed. The best count we have is that 770 Christians have been murdered by Muslims in Nigeria in 2012. The real count is much higher, as Christians are found murdered virtually every day, but the Nigerian government wants to hold down “sectarian violence” and does its best to cover up most of the atrocities.

There was no comment from the White House about the Christmas murders in Nigeria or the slaughter that goes on there year round. The Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic terrorist group, is still allowed to raise funds in the United States and it appears that the Obama Administration intends to continue to allow them to do that. Obama spent Christmas in Hawaii. For him Christmas is not a day of worship; it is a day of vacation, just as it is for many other Americans.


Social conservatives and the new Congress – I was on Capitol Hill on Thursday, January 3rd as the 113th Congress was sworn in. Only families of the Members are allowed at the actual swearing in ceremony, but I attended a reception with some of those that were elected with the help of the Government Is Not God- PAC (GING-PAC) of which I am the chairman. GING-PAC helped elect socially conservative Senators Cruz (R-TX) and Deb Fischer (R-NE). Please note that not a single economic conservative candidate backed by Karl Rove’s PAC won. Every Karl Rove candidate backed away from social issues, and every one of them lost. On the other hand, establishment talking heads tell the story that social conservatives caused the GOP to lose. Far from it. Without the pro-life candidates, the GOP would have only half of the Members in the House that it has now.

House: One in five faces are new – There are 82 new Members in the 435 seat House, and 14 new Senators. On the House side almost 20% of the Members are new, although one did previously serve back in the 1980′s. There are also two empty seats because of resignations that occurred before the new 113th Congress even had a chance to convene.

Of the 34 seats in the Senate up for grabs, 14 of them changed hands. More than one-third of the Senate seats that could get new Senators did. The only African-American in the Senate is a pro-life social conservative Republican. Everywhere I go, conservatives champion “term limits” because Congressmen “stay forever.”

At a recent Tea party meeting where I spoke, I asked those attending what percentage of seats they thought had changed hands. The guesses ranged from one to three percent. The reality is different from this “they stay forever” perception. The average length of service for Representatives is currently 9.8 years (4.9 terms) and for Senators is 11.4 years (1.9 terms).

Our work with Congress – Planned parenthood has gone wild, aborting more babies in 2012 than ever before while receiving more tax dollars than ever before from federal and state governments. Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report showed they received a record $542 million in total taxpayer funding in one year, which made up 45% of their annual revenue.

I joined 29 other social conservative leaders in Washington, DC in signing a letter to Members of Congress supporting Representative Marsha Blackburn’s (TN-7) first pro-life bill in the U.S. House of Representatives on the first day of this session of Congress, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R. 61).

Blackburn’s legislation would prevent Title X federal funding from going to big, profitable abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood until they agree not to perform abortions or to refer women for elective abortions.


For big bucks the media goes Islamic – The Islamization of America is accelerating in 2013 – thanks to Al Gore and Rupert Murdock.

Al Gore recently refused to sell his failing Current cable TV network to Glenn Beck, but he was more than willing to sell it to Al Jazeera, the terrorist-supporting Islamist network. Gore would rather have Americans exposed to radical Islamic propaganda than to a conservative such as Glenn Beck. This should come as no surprise, since leftists who hate the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation seem not to find any fault in Islam. The left seems willing to side with anyone who has the goal of destroying the Christian nature of our nation.

For introducing al-Jazeera to America through a TV network that once showed with pride IED’s killing Americans during the Iraq war, Al Gore will make a profit of tens of millions of dollars. The payout to the great “environmentalist” will come from Arab oil money.

Rupert Murdoch and the "Prince"

Rupert Murdoch and the “Prince”

Meanwhile on the right, the competing network to Al- Jazeera is partially owned by News Corp, the parent of Fox News. News Corp has an 18.97% stake in Saudi Prince Bin Talal’s Rotana Media group, which in turn owns the Al-Risala Arab speaking network.

Al-Risala is the flagship “religious broadcasting” television network of Rotana. In a lengthy exposé, author Diana West called it “an odious mouthpiece for the Sharia supremacism, anti-Westernism, general xenophobia, Jew-and broader infidel-hatred spewn forth from, and sadly pathognomonic of, contemporary Middle Eastern broadcast media.”

My good friend, author Dr. Andrew Bostom has made a suggestion to Rupert Murdock: Trade your share of this Islamic hate network to Prince Bin Talal for his share of News Corp. That trade would place Murdock out of the business of bashing Christians and Jews in the Middle East and keep Prince Bin Talal’s nose out of Fox News where he attempts, sometimes with success, to candy coat stories on Islamic hatred and violence.

            Almost daily I post updates on stories such as this one on Rupert Murdock at one of the Facebook pages I edit. You can find this page at There is now also a rotating globe at the that shows those logged onto the site from all over the world. Please take a look at it.


William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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