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New:       Obama can’t find any persecuted Syrian Christians
New:       97% of Syrian refugees Obama imported in 2015 were Sunni Muslim
Update:  The United States is still arming Sunni fighters in Syria – why?
Update:  Lack of diapers for Christian refugee babies is causing severe health problems

Will Muslim Immigration and Political Correctness Destroy Our Culture?

336px-No_cross.svg            Europe goes Muslim first and America follows: For decades the governments of Europe have been controlled by socially liberal politicians who despise the Christian values that contradict their politically correct views and their social behavior. From abortion and legal prostitution to euthanasia, the so called “middle right” and “middle left” political parties of Europe have strangled Christianity. Christianity professes God to be the giver of rights, and places the burden of children and the elderly on families. In Christianity, God is first and family is second. The politicians of Europe proclaim that government is first and family is not really needed (unless it’s to prove a marriage can be between any number of humans of either gender).

In my latest book, Utopian Road to Hell, I explain the hostility toward God that is an essential part of central planners, regardless of their leanings to left or right. No modern dictator wants a single citizen to look beyond him as a source of power. Totalitarian democracies are no different than dictatorships. There is no real choice of leadership in most European nations and the leaders who do present a real choice are often arrested and their parties banned.

During the last parliamentary election in France, the leader of the only true opposition party was charged with “racism” for making a statement the authorities deemed anti-Muslim. The day after the election the charges were dropped.

So called “conservative” and “liberal” governments control the daily lives of the people and criminalize their speech, much like is being done now in the United States. In most of Europe even if a person is an elected official he can be arrested for being critical of Islam, which now has a special protected status in Europe despite the anti-Semitic tide it brings with it.

The brainwashing is so intense that just a few weeks after the slaughter by Sunni Muslim “migrants” of innocent people in Paris and again at the Brussel’s airport in Belgium this year, the people of London elected a Sunni Muslim mayor.

Mayor Sadiq Khan proclaims himself a multiculturalist but in an interview with The Spectator, Khan said that London is one of the best cities in the world to be a Muslim. He said, “There are laws here to protect them being discriminated against. Laws here that allow me, if I want to, to do my ablutions and pray. I could wear black and grow a beard; if my wife chose to she could wear a hijab.”

Of course Khan finds nothing wrong with Christians being prohibited from practicing their beliefs in Muslim nations. Persecution of Christians in his Sunni family’s native country of Pakistan has never been criticized by the new mayor.

This is the new Europe that is coming to America soon in the form of hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslim “migrants” that President Obama and Wall Street want to import for far different reasons. Obama wants to transform America; Wall Street wants cheap labor.

Only Sunni Muslims need apply: In 2015, some 97% of the “refugees” from Syria to enter the United States were Sunni Muslims. The Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) are Sunni Muslim organizations that behead Christian men, rape Christian women and take Shia women and children as slaves.

In the first two weeks of May this year the Obama Administration imported 499 Syrian refugees, and 100% of them were Muslim despite the fact that Syria has a Christian population of 10% most of whom have been forced to flee their homes by Sunni Muslim terrorists. Of the 499 allowed into the U.S., 495 were Sunni Muslims and four stated they were “Moslem.” The Obama Administration can’t seem to find any persecuted Christians from Syria.

629F9667-BF8B-43CE-9D02-9B37E0B15482 Church BurnDespite Congress declaring that Christians and Yazidis were victims of genocide and legislatively forcing the State Department to make a declaration of genocide, those in this persecuted group are still not being admitted to the United States. Rather than the victims being allowed to immigrate here, those holding the same Sunni Muslim beliefs as the perpetrators of the genocide are being paid to immigrate here. The government of Saudi Arabia is “helping” the Sunni refugees in the United States by building giant Sunni mosques.

In May, President Obama declared that all school bathrooms in the United States be opened to “trans genders” and then continued the importation of Sunni Muslims who hold that homosexuals and “trans genders” should be “thrown from a high place” to their deaths. Liberals in the United States want: legal abortion as a method of contraception, homosexual marriage, forced acceptance of sexual deviancy, and legalization of drugs such as marijuana.  At the same time, they want to import Sunni Muslims who believe these things are “sins” worthy of death. This exposes the odd, contradictory insanity of the liberal mind.

Don’t worry … Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will put together a group of central planners that will deliver peace and prosperity with higher pay for less work, plus free higher education and medical care for all. Soon our nation will rise to the level of socialist Venezuela and be crowned with the additional blessing of a large Sunni Muslim population proving our nation’s diversity. There’s no escape to Canada or Europe; they are even more schizophrenic.

No guns for Christian fighters in Iraq: At least none from the United States. From the George W. Bush Administration until now, Christian militias in Iraq were not allowed to have arms because this would make Americans appear as “Crusaders.” No guns are sent to Kurdish fighters to battle the Islamic State either, because our “ally” Turkey does not want Kurds to have a standing army.

Apparently Russia does not have an issue favoring “Crusaders” and Kurds. Privately Russia has been delivering arms to the Christian and Kurdish militias since 2015. In March, 2016 the first public transfer, this time of hard to hide artillery, was delivered by Russia.

With Russia involved, there seems to be a change in opinion at the Obama White House. Although not officially declared, it appears now that the Kurdish and Christian militias are being delivered new American made weapons. If true, it is sad that Vladimir Putin had to embarrass President Obama into helping the Christians and Kurds in Iraq defend themselves against the vilest occupier since Genghis Khan.

We must stop the Muslim immigration insanity: We must stop the insanity of opening our borders to people who hate us. A nation without borders is simply not a nation. A nation that deliberately imports people who hate all of its principles is simply insane.

The politically correct liberal theory holds that “diversifying” the society will bring world peace and people will discover that they are all the same, regardless of place of origin or religious beliefs. Catholics and Protestants in Ireland can’t seem to get along, but the Obama / Clinton philosophy taught in all of our schools holds that when Christians and secularists respect Muslims, the world will be a better place. How about Muslims respecting Christians?

How is that Obama and Clinton want for American working out for very secular Germany? Chancellor Angela Merkel invited over a million Muslim immigrants to Germany in 2015, but they simply did not stop coming after one million. Well over one million, the vast hordes keep coming, most of which are men and most are not from war torn nations.

Only 20% of Muslim immigrants have high school educations, and the German state has estimated that 400,000 will go directly to welfare at an unknown cost to German tax payers. The largest percentage of men are from Pakistan and North Africa, with Syria and Iraq in third and fourth place. About 85% have been deemed “without formal qualifications” and unable to hold employment in industry requiring skilled labor.

These migrants did not come to Germany to become Christians or to be a part of a secular “democracy.” The sole reason for their migration to Germany was financial. About 80% are under 33 years old and unmarried. Having this many unemployed and uneducated young men  who do not understand Western values has caused a rape crisis in Germany.

The liberal press, both in Germany and the rest of the West including the United States, refuse to report on the level of rape and other crimes committed by the immigrants. The liberal, politically correct leaders and media still believe that this “diversity” will be good for Germany and the rest of Europe and America.

The insanity must be stopped before it spreads to the United States in the numbers it has in Europe. Rather than to help the victims of Sunni Muslim inspired terror, President Barack Obama with the approval of the Republican Congress is importing Sunni Muslims and moving them primarily to Bible Belt states such as Texas, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

If we are going to bring any real refugees to the United States, they should the Christian victims of Sunni terror who are normally highly educated. Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees for the most part are middle and upper class, speak at least some English and have worked in skilled jobs. The persecuted Christians who are on the run from Sunni Muslim terror are not welcome in America under the current Administration. Obama is interested only in “diversifying” the United States with more Sunni Muslims. If elected, president Hillary Clinton would be even more inclined to go the politically correct route and open the borders to more Sunni Muslims.

Postcards to Congress campaign: I am working on a program now to begin hitting Congress with a postcard or petition campaign to stop this insanity. Congress can pull Obama’s funding and stop the mass immigration of Muslims. Congress can also order the Obama Administration to give victims of genocide – that would be Christians – priority in immigration to the United States. We must push Congress to act!

Persecuted Christian families should be in the front of any migrant line.

Truckload of diapers supplied by the Religious Freedom Coalition unloaded at a ministry warehouse in Erbil, Iraq

Truckload of diapers supplied by the Religious Freedom Coalition unloaded at a ministry warehouse in Erbil, Iraq

Refugee baby rash: I can’t begin to tell you all the problems that can occur when infants do not have modern diapers. Christian refugee mothers have two choices: Cut up old clothing to make diapers or use no diapers at all. Either one of those choices leads to disastrous sanitary situations.

A diaper made out of a donated shirt or towel will hold solid waste, there is not enough material to absorb urine. The cloth diaper then has to be cleaned somehow with no hot water and no soap. Of course these families can heat their drinking water on a butane stove and then where does more drinking water come from? Disposable diapers can be buried or burned.

Leaving a child without diapers is not an option in a crowded camp for displaced persons. And consider the fact that these Christian families were mostly middle class before the Sunni terrorists, which the United States initially funded and armed, drove them from their homes. How can we as Christians ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to live in such conditions?

Most babies seen at the mobile medical clinic we support in Ankawa, Iraq are there for diarrhea caused by lack of sanitary conditions and for rash that is so bad there are often blisters.

Picture removed … In the first draft of the newsletter I had inserted one of the photos sent to me by the clinic, of a baby with such severe rash that large blisters had developed. The rash was over 75% of the buttocks. The rash and blisters looked so horrific that my wife Nancy told me I had to remove the photo because it would make people physically ill just looking at it. I have seen such severe injuries inflicted by Muslims on Christians that I guess I have become immune to the sight of a baby with rash and blisters so bad that there is a real chance of death.

I am dedicated to the Christmas project and I don’t want to take away from it by having large amounts of cash go for our new diaper project. But on the other hand supplying these diapers can save live. I am doing my best to find large donors for this project who will not stipulate that we must supply Muslims as well.

Most rich people are stuck in politically correct mode. I approached a very wealthy conservative last week and showed him the photos and told him of the need. His reaction was to promise to send a larger donation to the Red Cross. Red Cross? In all my trips to the Middle East I have never seen or heard of the Red Cross helping Christian refugees … But I did visit their headquarters in Beirut and was stunned to see that all of their vans and cars were made by Mercedes Benz.

If you know of someone who can donate a very large amount to help deliver diapers to the Christian refugee families, please talk to them about this project. I just transferred $18,000 to Iraq for the June diaper delivery of 160,000 diapers. Unless we can raise a lot more money than we are raising now we will not be able to deliver another shipment of diapers until September.

I am working to get other ministries involved. Meanwhile your continued help is needed. If at all possible, please send something this month to the diaper program even if it is just five or ten dollars. The refugee babies need your help. Donate to the diaper program here!

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #900, Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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