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Report From Washington – July 29, 2011

Does Obama want a debt default? / How we paid the Taliban / Speaker Boehner meets the enemy and it is his own troops / Did the GOP commit suicide this week? / Atheists sue over Ground Zero Cross / Another Muslim attack on Ft. Hood / Norway bomber not a Christian / More Nigerian Christians die / New York City against a church at Ground Zero

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT FOR JULY 20th, 2011 William J Murray’s Chairman’s Report includes: Obama’s Voice of America claims that Islamists want “reform.” / Obama says no to Canadian oil but yes to Saudi oil / The State Department’s Weiner problem / NBC apologizes for “under God” omission in Pledge / Military funding of same-sex marriage / Gays for Jon Huntsman / Honor killings in the West / Islamists want to take over UK cities / Pakistani Christian sex slaves / Islamic school has kids make bombs in Indonesia. Other international and domestic issues reported by William J. Murray

Speaker Boehner said it this way: “President Obama would not take ‘yes’ for answer.” Every time a deal was near on the debt limit issue, Obama moved the goal posts. Why? He didn’t want a deal. Obama knows under the current economic and social situation he cannot win re-election. He owns the bad economy. But, if he can create a crisis and blame Republicans he thinks he can win. Obama is willing to harm the economy even further by causing our nation to default, if he feels he can win votes as a result.

WE PAID THE TALIBAN – It is official. The Pentagon acknowledged that payments from a $2.6 billion dollar trucking contract were used as payoff money to the Taliban. With the U.S. funds, Afghan contractors paid local drivers, who in turn paid local security forces for safe passage. Just like in the old fashioned protection rackets in Chicago, the local “security” paid the Taliban to let the trucks through. Our brave men and women in uniform are fighting and dying for payoff rackets like this in Afghanistan to continue. Meanwhile, Christians in Afghanistan continue to be persecuted even worse than they are in Iraq.

Many conservatives, particularly Tea Party backers, have settled on Speaker John Boehner as the villain rather than President Barack Obama. Wednesday I witnessed a Tea Party rally in which the Speaker was called just about everything but a human being. Do these “conservatives” want Nancy Pelosi back in charge? Do they want Obama for another four years? Do they want Harry Reid to continue to be in charge of the Senate? Why is all this money and energy being spent attacking Speaker Boehner instead of the real culprits who want to spend the nation into oblivion? There are lots of areas I disagree with Speaker Boehner on, but he is 90% on my side of the issues and I would rather have him than Nancy Pelosi who is not with me on issues even 1% of the time.

REPUBLICAN SUICIDE – Somehow the Republican Party has managed to seize defeat from the jaws of victory. On Capitol Hill this week I watched in slow motion as President Barack Obama surrendered to Republican leaders and walked away with his head down. Not knowing what to do with this victory on the budget, Republicans immediately began to attack each other. 

American Atheists filed a lawsuit this week to stop the display of the Ground Zero Cross stating that “no other religions or philosophies will be honored.” The cross consists of two intersecting steel beams found intact in the rubble at Ground Zero. It was given a home at the Ground Zero site by the 9/11 Memorial Museum this week. The suit is meritless and a publicity stunt. The 9/11 Memorial Museum is a private non-profit organization with no affiliation with the government.

ANOTHER MUSLIM ATTACK ON FORT HOOD – This week local police, not the military, stopped a Muslim soldier from killing even more service men and women at Ft Hood. Far from investigating the Muslim soldier, the Army had given him “conscientious objector” status because he said he could not go to Afghanistan to fight Muslim terrorists. A gun shop owner notified the Killeen, Texas police of the Muslim’s purchase of gun powder. Pfc. Naser Abdo, who was AWOL at the time, had weapons and bomb making materials in his motel room near Fort Hood when captured. The military actively recruits Muslims to prove its political correctness. The New York Times, which immediately claimed the bombing in Norway was a done by a Christian, has not as yet referred to Abdo as a Muslim, and probably never will.

Mayor Bloomberg and New York City are continuing to fight against the reconstruction of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which was destroyed in the 9/11 jihad attack on the United States. Read the incredible story as Mayor Bloomberg continues to support a mosque at Ground Zero.

Not according to the mass killer himself. “As for the Church and science”, he wrote, “it is essential that science takes an undisputed precedence over biblical teachings.” Anders Behring Breivik also stated that he was a follower of Darwin and not of Jesus Christ. But the Washington Post and the New York Times proclaimed him a Christian the day of the attack. Why? On one of the 1,500 pages of his rambling “manifesto” he stated that like most Europeans he “could be considered a cultural Christian,” in other words an atheist who is a cultural parasite.

MORE NIGERIAN CHRISTIANS BURIED – Members of a church in Suleja, Niger state, ended a week of fasting and prayer on Saturday with a service for three Christians killed in a bombing by the Boko Haram. The All Christian Fellowship Mission Church members were leaving a Sunday worship service, when a bomb exploded. This is the third time this year bombs have targeted the Christian area of Suleja, just outside the capital. Read more

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