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RFC Report From Washington – August 5, 2011

U.S debt now 100% of GDP / Barack’s birthday bash / VP Biden finally uses the word “terrorist” — against the Tea Party! / Fed spending exceeds $30K per household / Will Senate help protect religious minorities in the Middle East? / NYC: Yes to mosque, no to church / The Bloomberg mosque and same-sex nuptials / Yet another version of Ground Zero mosque / Ramadan body count on day 4 reaches 49 dead in 20 attacks / Muslim kills six daughters in one day to defend his “honor” / Egypt slides to Islamic state.

Flying Pig Debt DealDEBT NOW 100% OF GDP – President Obama demanded and got lots more borrowed money to spend. Now, as a result of the debt ceiling increase signed into law by President Obama, the United States has joined a handful of nations whose debt is greater that their entire economic output. The small club of nations owing 100% of more of GDP, which the USA now belongs to includes: Japan (229 percent), Greece (152 percent), Jamaica (137 percent), Lebanon (134 percent), Italy (120 percent), Ireland (114 percent) and Iceland (103 percent), according to the International Monetary Fund.
THE BIRTHDAY BASH – On Wednesday President Obama turned 50 years old and celebrated with a ride on Air Force One to Chicago where a party was held in a room that rents for $44,000 a night. Guests had to pay about $38,500 each to attend, and even more for a private get-together after the main party.
BARACK IN A HARD PLACE – In the seven months leading up to the deadline for the U.S. debt ceiling, not once did President Barack Obama or anyone on his staff propose a plan to deal with the impending disaster of a default by the government. His only participation was to reject all plans that did not significantly raise taxes. As nations such as China were discussing dumping U.S bonds, President Barack Obama was busy pandering to the homosexual lobby which donates heavily to his campaign for reelection. Finally Speaker John Boehner walked out of talks with Obama saying the President “would not take yes for an answer.” The Speaker and liberal Senator Harry Reid then negotiated an agreement. Americans watched and understood the lack of leadership, as Obama’s favorability ratings dropped to their lowest ever.
Early this week Vice President Biden referred to members of the Tea Party as “terrorists.” Perhaps this is why he needs the extra layer of protection of renting a property he owns to the Secret Service agents who protect his life. The Washington Times reported that Biden so far has charged the Secret Service more than $13,000 just this year. Under a contract, the Secret Service will pay the Vice President a total of $66,000 by the end of 2013. The property in question is a cottage next to his waterfront home outside Wilmington, Delaware
FED SPENDING NOW OVER $30K PER HOUSEHOLD – The federal government is spending more per household than ever before. Since 1965, spending per household has grown by nearly 162%, from $11,431 in 1965 to $29,401 in 2010. From 2010 to 2021, it is projected to rise to $35,773, a 22% increase. (Click on chart for breakdown). While a debt ceiling framework passed the House this week, Congressman Randy Forbes says, “We have a lot of work to do to help America dig out of our fiscal sinkhole, including pursuing entitlement reform and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.” Forbes voted against the bill raising the debt ceiling.
PROTECTING RELIGIOUS MINORITIES – On July 29th, 2011 the House passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) to create a special envoy at the U.S. State Department for religious minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia. The legislation was introduced in January in the wake of increasing violence, targeted attacks and heightened discrimination against Christians in Iraq and Egypt, and persistent concerns in Afghanistan and Pakistan, among other nations. The bill was sent to the Senate where it must be approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chaired by John Kerry (MA) and Ranking Member Richard Lugar (IN). Please contact these Senators!
he House and Senate are in recess until September 6th at 10:00 AM
While New York City officials push to build a mosque at Ground Zero, they also continue to do everything in their power to stop the rebuilding of the 95-year-old St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. This church was crushed when one of the World Trade Center towers fell on it during the jihad attack on September 11th. In a recent article Pamela Geller details the struggle of the church to rebuild. Read more
BLOOMBERG’S MOSQUE AND SAME-SEX NUPTIALS – Muslims hang homosexuals in Iran and in other Islamic nations. Posters have appeared all over London threatening homosexuals. BUT … New York’s Mayor Bloomberg sees no contradiction in supporting both gays and Islam. The mayor not only advocates building a large mosque right on Ground Zero, but he has been photographed kneeling on a prayer rug in another New York City mosque. Yet this past Sunday he proudly officiated over one of the first gay weddings in New York State, for two of his top aides. (I wonder if these are the guys working to have the mosque built at Ground Zero.) Bloomberg did not go so far as to proclaim them man and wife, but rather declared, “I pronounce you both married,” thus proclaiming the “union” of has top aides, Jonathan Mintz and John Feinblatt.
The Ground Zero mosque may not be what Mayor Bloomberg and city officials rushed to support. The developer, a 37 year old former waiter named Sharif El-Gamal, told The New York Times, “We’re going back to basics.” The building, he indicated, may be as small as four stories and may or may not have an actual mosque. Read more
RAMADAN BODY COUNT – keeps a daily body count of victims each year during Ramadan. Islamic assassinations, mass murders and riots often peak during the “holy” month of Ramadan as imams poison the minds of men virtually every day rather than just on Fridays. The site has links to stories from all over the world of Islamic terror attacks that are not reported in the United States, stories like the one that follows.
Yes … you read it right. He killed six of his daughters all on the same day in July. He killed two of them because one of their brothers reported to him that they were dating men. He killed the other four because, he claimed, they allowed the family to be dishonored by protecting the two sisters who were dating. Read more

EGYPT MOVES FURTHER TOWARD ISLAMIC REPUBLIC – After “prayers” last Friday, Tahrir Square in Cairo was full of tens of thousands of people, mainly Islamists, who called for the implementation of Islamic law in Egypt. Meanwhile just days later on August 1st, Egyptian army tanks entered Tahrir on the first day of Ramadan and evicted the last of the “liberal” protesters who were for the most part secularists. Shop keepers and locals cheered as those who had wanted a broad based democracy were either arrested or pushed out of the main square. Arab spring or Islamic fall? 
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