Chairman’s Report – September 27th, 2013

American Islamic terrorists strike in Africa

Shoppers flee Muslim shooters at mall in Kenya

Shoppers flee Muslim shooters at mall in Kenya

Obama’s support of “good terrorists” breeds even more terror – The Western media is doing its best to suppress the fact that American citizens participated in the terror attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Of the attackers who killed at least 68 and wounded more than 175, most were from Western nations — not from Africa or the Middle East.

According to a Twitter post from the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab, which claims responsibility for the attack, three of the attackers are from the United States. Of those, three are from Minnesota and one from Missouri. According to al-Shabaab, one each of its fighters came from Canada, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Just two of those listed were from Somalia and one from Kenya. If this is accurate, the majority of the killers were from Western nations. (The Twitter feed for the Religious Freedom Coalition is @RFCNET.)

Two Canadians, including a diplomat, died in the attack as well as three people from the United Kingdom. At least five Americans were wounded, and the nephew of the Kenyan president along with his fiancée also died in the attack during the weekend of September 21st.

For several years I have reported on problems with Somali Muslims in the Minneapolis area. Mosques in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area are some of the most radical in the United States and terrorist organizations such al Shabaab and the Boko Haram have openly recruited from them. The Religious Freedom Coalition Internet site has reported on the “missing” young Somali men in Minnesota for several years. These are   young men who have travelled to Africa for jihad. Now they have shown themselves by attacking an upscale mall in Nairobi frequented by Westerners who work in the capital of Kenya.

The attack began outside as groups of people were asked if they were Muslims. If they said “yes” they were let go; if they said “no” they were shot dead.

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This should be a very vivid warning to travelers, as virtually all of the aircraft cleaners and many ground support personnel in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP) are Somali Muslims. Most of the taxi drivers at the MSP airport are Somali, and controversies have arisen in recent years because they refuse to carry anyone who has alcohol or pork in their possession. There have been incidents reported of Jews wearing yarmulkes who have been refused service.

More than a year ago, I ran articles at the Religious Freedom Coalition Internet site about the terrorist training camps in the United States that had suddenly emptied out. The fighters from those camps are now doing jihad in Africa and the Middle East.

President Barack Obama’s support of the “good” Islamic terrorists in Syria has given the signal to American Muslims with terrorist leanings that killing in the name of Allah is deemed permissible, even by the government of the United States. Of course, there are no “good” Islamic terrorists — they all want the destruction of Western civilization and the coming of a Muslim Caliphate to rule the world. Our government is dangerously trying to define differences between terrorists, and supporting some while killing others in drone strikes. This sends a bizarre schizophrenic message to the world, and this confusion draws American Muslims into terrorists groups such as the Boko Harma and al-Shabaab.

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