Mission to Syrian Christians

The Christians of Syria need our help!

During March, 2012 all donations received by the Religious Freedom Coalition for the Middle East Fund will be used to fund the transport of medical supplies to Christian groups in Syria. Our associate ministry in Amman, Jordan will drive the supplies in vans to Christian ministries operating in and around Damascus. The distance from Amman to Damascus is just over 100 miles, although some of the roads are poor and the journey can take up to four hours.

We have obtained access to one full container of medical supplies weighting several thousand pounds. The container will be delivered at the Jordanian port city of Aqaba and transported to Amman. There it will be unloaded, separated and transported in smaller vehicles.

The news media is not reporting the situation in Syria truthfully. There are no “demonstrations” as we understand them. These are not Tea Party groups waving signs. What is going on is an actual civil war. Both sides have heavy arms including artillery. Damascus has been attacked and several cities are in the hands of Islamist groups loyal to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama Administration and many hawkish Republicans such as John McCain want to help the al-Qaeda “rebels.”

There are three millions Christians in Syria and they are at high risk. Christians in “rebel” controlled areas have been forced to flee to Damascus. Many Christians have been injured or are ill. Medical supplies are quickly being used up by the military. Christian children who are ill cannot get the medications they require.

The forty foot container of medical supplies has departed the United States and is in route to Jordan and should arrive by March 20th.  Supplies include antibiotics, pain medications, bandages, medical tape, splints, braces, disposable surgical instruments, and associated materials. We will need to pay cash upon arrival of the container at Aquba for transportation. There are fees for customs and transport costs to Amman as well.

Again: All donations to the Middle East Mission Fund will be used this month for this purpose alone. There will be some heavy costs that I can’t discuss in this letter including the fees required to get the supplies one van at a time past check points at the Jordanian-Syrian border.

We have a special dedicated PayPal account set up for this mission that is separate from donations received on our main credit card donation page. All donations at the PayPal account will be deposited directly into a dedicated checking account to transport and distribute the medical supplies. Click the “donate” button and your donation will go directly to the Religious Freedom Coalition mission account.

Or mail your tax deductible donation to: Religious Freedom Coalition, PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013

The Religious Freedom Coalition is primarily an advocacy organization and I will personally continue to push for aid and protection for the Christians of Syria on Capitol Hill. But in my heart, I know that the Obama Administration and Congress is about to do what was done in Egypt and Libya and help establish anti-Christian governments. We must reach out and directly help our Christian brothers and sisters in need in the Middle East.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Religious Freedom Coalition
Washington, DC

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