Report From Washington – May 5, 2012

In this issue, a special report: William J. Murray reports this week from New York City. This update centers on National Day of Prayer activities on Capitol Hill and Murray’s appearance on the Mike Huckabee TV Show

National Day of Prayer Special Report
On the National Day of Prayer my morning began with a prayer group on the Supreme Court Plaza. Our group actually had permission to pray, as long as our group did not constitute a “demonstration.” The line between the two is very ill defined. I was joined by several activists on Capitol Hill including Peggy Nienaber of Faith and Action as well as Rev. Patrick Mahoney. After praying for the nation we had the opportunity to have breakfast at the Supreme Court cafeteria where we joined together in saying grace before eating.

William J Murray praying at the Supreme Court

Prayer at the Supreme Court

The National Day of Prayer was changed to the first Thursday in May during President Ronald Reagan’s last year in office in 1988. The original law, signed by President Harry Truman, did not specify a date which caused some confusion over several decades.

This past Thursday thousands of public prayer meetings were held across the nation including one here on Capitol Hill. The national meeting was held in the Caucus Room of the Cannon House Office Building just a block from the Capitol Building itself. For the sixth year in a row the host for the National Day of Prayer in the Capitol complex was Congressman Robert Aderholt of Alabama. In my capacity as chairman of Government Is Not God -PAC, I endorsed and helped to elect Robert Aderholt to Congress back in 1996. He has been working to further family values since his election.

Also present during the three hours of prayer in the Caucus Room were Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia and his wife, Shirley. Congressman Forbes, also elected with the help of Government Is Not God – PAC back in 2001, founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus which has 105 members. Each week upon their return to the Hill the members of the Prayer Caucus meet in Room 219 in the Capitol Building itself to pray. A national movement in State houses for prayer caucuses has begun following Congressman Forbes’ example.

At this year’s prayer meeting Congressman Forbes shared miraculous events which occurred in his life as a result of prayer, including the survival of his first child despite doctors telling him that he and his wife needed to say their goodbyes to their newborn son.

The overall chairman of the National Day of Prayer event in Washington each year is Shirley Dobson, the wife of Dr. James Dobson. The military and every branch of government was represented — except for the Administration — as President Obama did not send a representative. One of the highlights of the day was the Azula Pacific University all men’s choir which sang several traditional hymns a cappella.

After the National Day of Prayer meeting which lasted from 9:00 AM to noon, I attended a special lunch with Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas for the International Israel Allies Caucus. Congressman Gohmert spoke of his most recent trip to Israel and his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. (Note: It was Congressman Gohmert who initiated the recommendation that led to Speaker Boehner inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress in 2010.) The congressman spoke of the continued need for prayer, but also reminded us that while Israel is mentioned as being part of End Time prophecy, the United States is not. He said nations that do not stand with Israel should not expect their God to protect them.

At 2:00 PM on the National Day of Prayer I made my way to a meeting at the Capitol Visitors’ Center (CVC) which sits below the actual Capitol Building grounds. While most people believe this is merely a tourist entrance since the shooting at Tom Delay’s office some years ago, it is actually an official business entrance as well. Also unknown to tourists is the fact that the CVC has both House and Senate meeting rooms that can be reserved only by Members of Congress for their use or the use of their constituents for special events. Full catering service is available.

Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri had arranged a conference room to be used by several groups led by Rev. Rick Scarborough of Texas for “40 Days to Save America.” This is a prayer and fasting campaign to begin on September 28th and run through Election Day, November 6th. The object is to pray and fast for America to turn back to a godly path and to elect godly leaders.

I was scheduled to appear the Fox News Channel’s Mike Huckabee Show this weekend, however, while on the train to New York I received a call that I had been “bumped” for a breaking news segment on pro-life Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng who was forced out of the U.S. Embassy by Secretary of State Clinton when she arrived in China to promote the sale of more U.S. Debt. (Without Chinese loans the United States would be forced to disband the entire military.) Because I was in transit to New York the decision was made to tape my segment which centers on my book, My Life Without God, and show it at a later date. The taping will still be done in front of a live audience, and I will post the date of the actual show on the book’s Facebook page as soon as it is known. You can help get the word out about the book my giving the page a “like.”My previous radio interview with Mike Huckabee is still online. Listen to it here. Please consider buying a copy of the book for your local library or a Christian school.


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