Report From Washington – September 7, 2012

ISRAEL FACT FINDING MISSION – A once in a lifetime mission led by William J. Murray, William Federer and Frank Gaffney, all three experts on Israel and Islamic affairs. Not a standard “tour,” the mission includes visits to settlements and military bases plus evening panels. Read more

In this issue: The Democrats, God and Jerusalem / Booing God at the Democrat Convention / Obama’s abortion celebration / Congressional support of jihadists / Rapes and forced conversions to Islam in Pakistan / Jordanian jihadists fighting in Syria / “No pattern” in Afghans killing Americans? / Spain has “no go” areas for female cops / Collective punishment for Christians in Egypt


Arab American delegates boo God

Arab American delegates boo when God is placed back in Democratic platform – Credit Youtube

God and the Obama Democrats – President Obama’s Democrats hashed out their Big Government platform and deliberately left out any mention of God or the importance of Jerusalem. However, they want Americans to pay for abortions and want gay marriages legalized in every state. After even the mainstream media bashed the platform, God and Jerusalem were placed back in — but to boos from delegates on the floor of the Democrat convention. Read more

God lost all three votes – In the midst of the firestorm over God being removed from the platform Barack Obama made a call and ordered Him back in. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, serving as the convention chairman, was forced to call a two-thirds voice vote to reinsert the deleted language on Jerusalem and God. God and Jerusalem lost the first vote. Villaraigosa called for a second vote. God and Jerusalem lost again. Villaraigosa called for a third vote and there was still not a two-thirds majority in favor of God in the platform, so the chairman simply gaveled the vote through while many delegates booed and hissed. Watch the video here.
Obama’s abortion celebration –
Gary Bauer noted that “Another striking example of the Democrats’ extremism is how their convention turned into a celebration of abortion. The leaders of Planned Parenthood and NARAL, along with Sandra Fluke, were given prime-time speaking slots. In his acceptance speech, Barack Obama equated abortion with ‘health care choices.'” Bauer has prepared a PDF that exposes the overwhelming baby-killing agenda of Barack Obama. See it here

Both Houses in recess –
The House will reconvene on Monday, September 10th, with the first vote occurring after 6:30 PM. Although the media would like to portray any recess as a “vacation,” that is far from the truth. Most congressmen work six days a week in their district offices, meeting with constituents. Each congressman has more than a quarter of a million people in his or her district, many of whom demand direct contact which they can’t get when the congressman is in Washington, DC.  
Congress support of jihadists – Most in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, support the overthrow of the secular government of Syria. A Syrian general said this: “Don’t they understand that we are the last dam that is holding back the flood of Islamists in Europe? What blindness.” Read more
Anti-Catholic festival at Democrat convention –
No price will be paid by the Democrats for allowing the most notoriously anti-Catholic organization in the nation, Catholics for Choice, to host a panel on religious liberty. Read more.
PAKISTAN: More rapes and forced conversions –
As many as 2,000 women and girls from various minority sects were forcibly converted to Islam through rape, torture and kidnappings, while 161 people were charged with blasphemy in 2011, according to a report by the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC). Read more
JORDAN: Jordanian Jihadists fighting in Syria –
Jihadist fighters appear to have responded to the call of Jordanian Sheikh Abu Muhammed al-Tahawi for jihad in Syria. The Jordanian intelligence services say they have arrested extremist fighters trying to cross from Jordan into Syria. Read more
AFGHANISTAN: No pattern to “green on blue” killings –
Lt. General James Terry said that in the killings of 45 Americans this year by Afghan police, to say that “we’ve found any one discernible pattern at this time would not be accurate.” How about this one: All of the killers were Muslims our Army had trained and given guns to. Is that a pattern? Read more
SPAIN: “No go” area for female cops –
It begins with the area around a mosque and as the number of mosques increases, so do the number of zones where female traffic cops are not allowed to go. And if female traffic cops can’t safely traverse on those areas, ordinary women dressed in a non-Islamic approved style certainly cannot.. Read more
Punishing Christians for no crime – Raymond Ibrahim has written a well documented article on the the collective punishment of Egypt’s Christians. If there is an argument between a Christian and a Muslim, hundreds of Muslims then descend on Christian homes for “collective punishment.” Read more

New Chairman’s Report –
Now available, the August 24th, 2012 edition of William J. Murray’s Chairman’s’ Report. In this issue:Religious Freedoms Coalition’s newspaper ad exposing the radical anti-religious liberty agenda of Barack Obama has now appeared in over forty newspapers. Meanwhile the Mitt Romney campaign is not doing much to endear itself to the social conservative movement. And on the Hill, Republicans were attacking each other just before their convention. Find it here
Constitution or Sharia DVD –
This is the complete set of DVD’s from the November 11, 2011 Constitution or Sharia conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference was the first true national conference on Sharia and the Islamization of America sponsored by major freedom oriented organizations! It was not just another educational conference. How do deal with and stop implementation of Sharia law in the United states was outlined by speakers and in panels. Order today

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