WATCH: Crisis in Nigeria

Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria are in grave danger as Sunni Muslim Fulani Herdsmen rampage their way through towns and farmland, killing Christians and destroying homes while driving their cattle onto Christian farms.

Our orphanage and farm are in their path. The orphaned children have been evacuated and most taken to Jos City for safety but lodging is only temporary. Food and clothing is needed.

What will happen to our farm, the water tower, well pumps and everything else they have worked so diligently to create over the years? Will the children ever be able to safely return?

Learn more about this situation in Nigeria in the video recorded from my desk in Washington below.

We received the below story from one of our contacts in Nigeria about a small Christian orphanage that was miraculously saved during one of these terrible attacks.

“In the early hours on May 24th 2021, the Igyeako Hope for the Hopeless Foundation at Agingi Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria experienced an invasion of armed Fulani herdsmen who disrupted the peace and serenity of the community with sporadic gun shots which lasted for over six hours.

According to the head of the foundation Mrs. Mary Adamu, the huge men all dressed in black stormed the orphanage with sophisticated weapons but could not gain access despite several attempts. She described the incident as a miracle considering the dilapidated nature of their home which could have easily been invaded. Several attempts to reach out to security operatives proved abortive as they were said to be on leave at the time of the attack.

The orphans and their coordinators managed to whisk their way to the nearest church from where they were evacuated to a Christian Center in Jos. The whole turn of events has not just been traumatic for the children but also physically exhausting. While running for safety, a two year old boy accidentally burned his foot, another child developed a fracture on his leg, and another had difficulty breathing. A majority of the children also tested reactive to malaria.

There are 35 children (2-13 years of age) at the orphanage home. Their basic needs are still not met as they do not have sufficient food, toiletries, clothes and so on. Mrs. Adamu therefore calls on well-meaning individuals to lend their support toward the welfare and development of the children. She holds on to the faith that the Lord who called her to the ministry will always open doors and provide for the children despite the challenges they encounter.

Though the children are yet to heal from the emotional trauma of attacks at their home and are not ready to go back, they are left with no options.”

Hear Mary share their story in the video below.

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