Nigeria Mission Recap 2 – Nigerian Orphanage

Examining the books: While in Jos, Nigeria a special Board of Directors meeting was held for the orphanage. I had arranged in advance for an auditor to go over the books of the orphanage to calculate losses and costs associated with moving.

I attended the Board of Directors meeting and heard the presentation of the auditor and read his full report. The outcome made me question the viability of staying in the newly rented facility versus finding a better location.

After reading the full audit I made the request that there be some wage adjustments as I did not believe the administrator was making enough money to be able to handle his task for the orphanage full time. There were also adjustments to the feeding program after I examined the books. I also authorized some plumbing and electrical repairs at our cost.

I had already given the go ahead to build temporary classrooms on the grounds. More on that later.

Again … This is why it is important for me to make personal visits to these locations! I have been doing this work for decades to one degree or the other and it is my responsibility to make sure funds of supporters are being used for the best effect.

Feeding program continues: The current program to provide protein for the orphanage in Nigeria will continue for at least the next six months. I have authorized payments of $2,411.00 per month for food. This is a slight reduction in American dollars because we are getting a much better exchange rate of Nigerian Naira.

The program provides the protein for two meals a day for all the children and workers including the teachers. The orphanage is continuing to run a full time Christian school for the orphans despite the forced move to smaller quarters. Jesus is the center of everything at the orphanage and our support continues to allow the children to have a protected atmosphere.

The funds to build temporary classrooms on the grounds of the building we leased have already been transferred and the construction is complete.

A satellite view of the Jos orphanage from Google Earth.

These classrooms are not permanent structures as was the school building, we built at the IDP camp in Benue State. The temporary classrooms at the orphanage are made of thin board and the floors are dirt. No cement was used.

There is no way to know right now if the location will be permanent, but I just don’t think it will work.

The owner is asking a ridiculously high price for the building, but we have signed a two-year lease and we have time to negotiate or find a better location.

First, we need a structural engineer to evaluate the entire building.

While Nancy and I were at the new location in January we found plumbing and electrical issues. The plumbing is a real problem as the design was for perhaps 25 people not 150. Extensive work must be done. We have already added toilets and fixed showers that did not work. Because we have the two-year lease, we have time to look for other options.

For what the owner wants we can buy land and build out as many buildings as we had at Miango. We are looking. Please pray the best option for the children can be found.

William J. Murray, President

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