Washington Report- September 13th, 2013

Editor: William J. Murray

Tell Congress: No Aid to Terrorists – Hundreds of copies of a petition to congressmen demanding that aid to Saudi supported terrorists in Syria be stopped have been delivered by fax. With Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama about to order military strikes against the secular government of Syria, now is the time to tell your congressman to stop this insanity. Your signed petition will be faxed to your congressman free of charge. See Petition here!

In this issue: Obama backs down / Anti-Semite appointed to religious freedom body / No White House comment on Syria joining weapons ban / Congressman speaks at Benghazi rally / Congressmen stand for our “First Freedom” / “Million” Muslim march on 9-11 / Syria: video of street battle raging in a Christian village / Philippines: “Rebels” take Christian town / Syria: U.S. military admits rebels had Sarin gas / Morocco: Another Christian jailed for faith

The Presidency

Obama backs down – In the face of overwhelming opposition from the American people and from Congress to his proposed military strike on Syria, Obama put on hold his plans to assist Islamist rebels. Meanwhile, his schizophrenic Administration continues to fight Islamist rebels in some civil wars while supporting them in others. It is very difficult to tell who’s side Obama is on.

James Zogby

Obama appoints anti-Semite to religious freedom body – Barack Hussein Obama has quietly appointed pollster James Zogby to become a member of the U.S. Commission For International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Zogby is founder and president of the Arab American Institute and a co-founder of the Palestine Human Rights Campaign as well as the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He is a defender of the Muslim Brotherhood and is associated with anti-Semitism. Read more
No White House comment on Syria joining weapons ban treaty – On September 12 the Syrian government signed the UN treaty banning chemical weapons and officially became a party to it. There was no comment from the White House. President Assad of Syria demanded that the United States stop hostilities to allow his government to dismantle chemical weapons.
Congressman speaks at Benghazi rally –
Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) spoke at a Justice for Benghazi Rally on the first anniversary of the attacks on our diplomatic facility in Libya and the 12th anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. by Islamic terrorists. Read more
Congressmen speak for our “First Freedom” – On Monday, September 9, Congressman Forbes led members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus in a special order hour to remind Americans that religious freedom is the “first freedom.” Read more

Religion and Culture
“Million” Muslim march on 9-11 –
I spent much of my day on 9-11 on the Washington Mall looking for the so-called Million Muslim March Against Fear. As I searched for the 25 or so Muslims who actually showed up, I ran into many bikers who had come to counter the Muslim presence. Read more

Syria: The battle for Christian village of Maaloula –
Anti-Assad rebels have been forced out of many parts of Syria’s ancient Christian village of Maaloula, but heavy fighting continues. Jihadists murdered Christian villagers, looted stores and defiled churches. This story contains video of a journalist being wounded by a jihadist sniper. Read more
Philippines: “Rebels” take Christian town – Muslim rebels continued to fight government troops, raising concerns about a pastor and other Christians held hostage in the southern Philippines. The latest battle broke out on an island adjacent to the heavily Christian Zamboanga City. Unlike the Syrian jihadists, these “rebels” don’t seem to have the support of John McCain and Barack Obama as yet. Read more
Syria: U.S military admits rebels had Sarin gas – A U.S. military document has revealed that the Sarin gas from Al Qaeda in Iraq was transported from Turkey into Syria. Sarin was found in the homes of members of the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra which is fighting the secular government of Syria. Read more
Morocco: Another Christian jailed for faith in “moderate” Morocco – A Moroccan Christian remained behind bars Wednesday, September 11, after he was jailed for two-and-a-half years and fined for evangelizing. Read more
More from the Religious Freedom Coalition

New Chairman’s Report –
Now available, the edition of the Chairman’s Report for the Religious Freedom Coalition. In this issue by William J. Murray: The unbelievable lies to justify war on Syria / Kerry claims a 2003 photo from Iraq is proof of Syria chemical weapons / Democracy and Freedom are not synonymous / Egyptian Style Democracy for America? / Radical GOP Senate standoff – Read more
My Life Without God – William J. Murray’s first book, My Life Without God, is now back in print, as 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of his atheist mother’s lawsuit to remove prayer from the schools. Murray writes of his life in the dysfunctional home of infamous atheist/Marxist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Learn more
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