UK female cops required to wear hijab

Chairman’s Report from Washington for July 20,2011


OBAMA’S VOICE OF AMERICA The headline at the Voice of America website operated by the US government, on July 15th, 2011 said, “Braving Scorching Heat, Egyptians Rally to Press for Reforms.” Reforms? The organizers of the demonstration, the Sharia Association of Rights and Reform, called for a million men to take to the streets accusing the “secularists” of stealing the coming elections. The Sharia Association of Rights and Reforms also stated that Islamic sharia is the majority choice for Egypt, accusing secularists and liberals of trying to outflank the true preferences of the Egyptian people with a new constitution.

The reporting on this and other Middle Eastern events by the Voice of America seems to bend the truth when it comes to Islam and particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. The Voice of America continually refers to the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” organization organized around charity. Oddly, the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood says something quite the contrary:

Obama and Clinton all smiles for the Muslim Brotherhood– Allah is our objective.
– The Prophet is our leader.
– Qur’an is our law.
– Jihad is our way.
– Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

The Voice of America is the official voice of the Obama Administration; it is not an independent news organization. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton uses the Voice of America to announce official State Department positions. Apparently the official position of the Obama Administration and the Department of State is to white wash violent Islamic organizations to justify cooperation with them.

OBAMA WANTS ARAB RATHER THAN CANADIAN OILOnly Saudi Arabia has more recoverable oil reserves than Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately for Americans, the Obama Administration does not want oil from Alberta because it comes primarily from oil sands and Obama’s “green” supporters don’t like that fact. (Caveat: Actually the United States holds the greatest known oil reserves in the world when oil shale is included; however, Congress has barred extraction in most of these known reserve areas.) Currently Obama’s EPA is blocking the construction of a pipeline to the USA from Alberta that would bring investments of over $9 billion and create 100,000 jobs. If completed the pipeline would also bring down oil prices not only in the United States but the entire world. Simply put, out of liberal ideology, the Obama Administration and liberals in Congress are raising gas prices and putting people out of work.

Canada is currently the number one supplier of oil to the United States followed by Mexico and then Saudi Arabia. As older oil fields are depleted Canada is willing to open up its very rich oil shale fields. Obama is not interested; he would rather have American dollars flow to Arab nations that fund extremist Islam. Meanwhile the Chinese understand the value and volume of Canadian oil. Sinopec, a Chinese state-controlled oil company, has invested $5.5 billion to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific Coast province of British Columbia where oil can be loaded on the Chinese tankers.

THE WEINER PROBLEM AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT Why was President Barack Obama so eager to request that Twitter-disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner resign? Just maybe he feared the other half of the Weiner scandal would surface in the media. Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a very close confidante and advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Abedin holds a top security clearance at the State Department, but also has open associations with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is more than likely that the decision by the Administration to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a legitimate organization was orchestrated by her.

Considering her associations, can Huma Abedin be trusted or is she in fact a double agent for the Muslim Brotherhood? Her mother, who lives in Saudi Arabia, is a member of The Sisterhood, which is the female version of the Muslim Brotherhood. Human Events reported that Huma Abedin’s brother—Hassan Abedin—has collaborated with Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, two of the most influential terror supporters in the world. The presence of Huma Abedin as a close advisor to the Secretary of State is in itself a statement on the position of the Obama Administration.

OBAMA, GEORGE SOROS AND THE LIBYAN “REBELS”The foreign affairs advisor for a top U.S. lobby firm hired to represent the rebels of Libya just a few months ago was serving as President Obama’s special representative to Egypt, where he reportedly held a clandestine meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, a public relations firm working on behalf of the rebels recently arranged a meeting for Libya’s opposition with a progressive group funded by billionaire George Soros that is known for its close relationship with the White House. There seems to be a revolving door at the White House with advisors leaving to join consulting firms that champion radical agendas.


NBC APOLOGIZES TO CONGRESS FOR “UNDER GOD” FLAPLet me say first that this would NEVER have happened if NBC was still owned by General Electric. Comcast, the new owner of NBC, has issued a formal apology to Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA), the chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, for deleting “under God” from the Pledge during the U.S. Open. Forbes and more than 100 other congressmen had written a letter to NBC complaining about the incident.

The president of Comcast, Kyle McSlarrow, said: “We have made quite clear — internally and externally — that the employees who made this decision were wrong,” he said. “Not only were countless citizens justifiably upset, but also the actions of this small group cast a negative light on NBC Universal.” He was very blunt: “It was an inexcusable mistake in judgment and it will not be repeated.” Have you read my book on the history of the Pledge of Allegiance? It is still available at

DON’T FUND SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN MILITARYRep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) has offered an amendment to H.R. 2219, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2012, which would prohibit the implementation of the Navy’s new guidance on same sex marriage for its chaplains. This comes after the Navy recently issued guidance to their chaplains to officiate at same-sex marriages on military bases. This was a contradiction to the Defense of Marriage Act, and so Members of Congress sent a letter urging the rescindment of this new policy forcing the Navy to halt the policy – for now. This amendment would stop any future implementation of these guidelines. Please contact your congressman for support!


GAYS FOR JON HUNTSMANI was just a little stunned when someone e-mailed me a link to a story in Q Salt Lake. The Q stands for queer and it is a gay newspaper in Salt Lake City which has semi-endorsed Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Rather than editorialize I will quote directly from the gay site:

“While there are no official endorsements from any caucuses or groups within the Republican Party yet, the Utah Log Cabin Republicans worked with Huntsman when he was governor, and are ready and willing to work continue that relationship,” Melvin Nimer, the president of the ULCR, said. “Huntsman was the first governor of Utah to open up the governor’s mansion to the LGBT community,” Nimer said. “They [the Huntsman campaign team] have reached out to get some help from us and some people within the group are working with him.”

Having read this glowing endorsement of Huntsman in an official “queer” site, I think I will personally reach out to a different presidential candidate.

SISTER WIVESIn 2003 the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas said that no law could be passed prohibiting sodomy or any other same-sex act. Justice Scalia said the decision would be, “the end of all morals legislation.” Actually I believe Scalia was wrong: the case simply changed the morals of the nation legally. Every single law is some kind of a moral judgment. In the Lawrence case the moral line in the sand with regard to sex was moved toward sodomy and led directly to same-sex marriage and now to polygamy.

The polygamist family on the TV series “Sister Wives” has filed a lawsuit against the state of Utah, attempting to do for polygamists what the Lawrence V. Texas case mentioned above did for homosexuals. The Lawrence v. Texas case is being used as the basis of the polygamist lawsuit. American Muslim men will be the chief benefactors of a victory since Islam permits four wives. In the UK Muslim men can put their multiple wives and as many children as they can have on the welfare roles. That will be the result in the United States as well.

HONOR KILLINGS IN THE WESTEach year thousands of young women are murdered by their fathers and brothers in the name of “honor.” Young women who have been raped are also killed because so many Muslims believe that the rape victim has “dishonored” the family by being raped. A solemn video tribute has been produced in the memory of young women who suffered “honor killings’ in the West and can be viewed at:


UK female cops required to wear hijab

Non-Muslim female cops requited to where Muslim clothing

ISLAMISTS DEMAND TAKEOVER OF THREE UK CITIES Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK. The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group has named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury, as well as Tower Hamlets in East London, as test sites for blanket sharia rule. The medieval ‘emirates’ would operate entirely outside British law, according to documents at their MAC website. But is the request that far out of line in the UK? There are now many sharia courts in the United Kingdom that operate openly and often contrary to English law in family matters. Non-Muslim policewomen are required to wear the hijab in Muslim areas. Police cannot enter some Muslim areas in London at all.

PAKISTAN CHRISTIAN SEX SLAVESOne may argue that rape is a phenomenon that affects every society, yet the fact that most of the women raped in Pakistan come from the mere 2% Christian minority speaks for itself. Moreover, if you read the individual stories of the rapes you soon learn that in every single case the Pakistani police either did nothing to apprehend the culprits or, more often, actually helped them while turning against the victims.

Even though Pakistan is not a full-blown sharia state and tries to save face in front of the international infidel–sharia has nonetheless conditioned even the police to see Christian women (infidels) as little more than objects of pleasure which Muslim men can violate at will. Still, the United States gives billions of dollars of aid each year to Pakistan despite the fact that it is a nuclear nation that targets democratic India with terror attacks.

ANOTHER MUSLIM ATTACK IN INDIAThe Indian Mujahedeen (IM), which has bragged of eight other terrorist attacks over the last four years, has claimed responsibility for the latest bombings in Mumbai (Bombay) which killed 23 and wounded many more innocent civilians on July 13th, 2011. This was the worst Islamic terror attack in India since November, 2008 when Muslim terrorists from Pakistan entered Mumbai by sea and attacked hotels and a train station killing 164 people and wounding at least 308 innocent civilians.

Some background: India at one time was comprised of not only the current land area of India but Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. The nation was divided to accommodate Muslims who wanted their own nation in 1947. All Hindus fled south into India. Not satisfied with their own Islamic nation, Muslims now want to terrorize India in the name of Jihad. Virtually all terror attacks in India are in some way assisted by Pakistani intelligence which receives military funding from the United States. Our tax dollars at work!

IMAM SAYS: “THE WORLD BELONGS TO US” At a Muslim Brotherhood related Internet site Egyptian Shaykh Safwat Hegazy in a recent video threatened Jews and Christians, and ultimately the whole world, saying, “Jerusalem belongs to us, and the whole world belongs to us.” He states the Islamic caliphate will return, and that “every land upon which Islam has set foot will return to us.” He makes pointed references to Qurayza and Khaybar, which are clear threats against the Jews, and also states, “we will kill anyone who has polluted the al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Hegazy is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and has a very popular TV show, “Age of Glory,” on the al-Nas television network. During the uprising against Mubarak , he addressed crowds at Tahrir Square in Cairo. He stood directly behind Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, when the latter led more than one million Muslims in Tahrir Square in prayer after Mubarak stepped down. This is the group that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was looking forward to “working with” in Egypt.

ISLAMIC EDUCATION On July 15th, 2011 police in Indonesia arrested the head of the Umar Bin Khatab Islamic boarding school after a bomb exploded at the school. Police finally entered the school building after being obstructed by dozens of locals carrying sharp weapons to find bomb making manuals and materials used as “teaching aids.” Moderate Islam at its best.


The Religious Freedom Coalition supports several medical and food programs in Jordan and elsewhere for the tens of thousands of Christians who have been forced to flee Iraq because of persecution. Please assist the Religious Freedom Coalition in these and other programs. Please help today!

William J. Murray, Chairman

 Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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  1. Skittles
    Skittles says:

    I know this will be hard to consider but the Islamic are being used for the purposes of The Globalist.
    It was leaked out that more “terrorist” attack would be done at the meeting of The Bilderburgs. You see to further an agenda they have done what is called a “false flag operation” you can read an example in the gov document Operation Northwoods. Basically on country attacks itself and its own people but blames it on another country to raise fear and justify a war. Just look at The Patriot Act that killed a lot of The Constitutional rights of the people. Because of a false flag opt known as 9/11 In Operation Northwoods it was a detailed plan to carry out an attack to blame on Cuba to go to war with them. President JFK put a stop to it and was murdered for it by the establishment. It sent a clear messages “Do what we say or else….”. I also mentioned The Bilderburgs. This was started by Prince Bernard of the Netherlands in 1953 to secretly discuss the future of the world and discuss a New World Order. This was once considered a conspiracy theory like the mafia once had been but and especially this year it was proven to be just a conspiracy that concerns us all. It is a violation of The Logan Act. It even made it into mainstream media. I encourage you to see for yourself you don’t have to take my word for it. God Speed Everyone!!!!!!!!

    • wjmurray
      wjmurray says:

      Please be specific and name the Americans who were responsible for the jihad attack on Ground Zero and the Pentagon. As you are so sure that the attack was “false flag” you must know who did it. Was it Seal Team Six? Maybe the attack was led by veterans who served with John Kerry to embarrass President Bush. Now, about the ID’s carried by those who flew the planes into the buildings. Were huge amounts of money paid to their relatives to get them all — hundreds of them —- to lie? Did these men never exist? If they did exist how did the CIA or Bush, or whoever get them to fly aircraft into the buildings? Maybe everyone on the planes were in on the conspiracy. No …. I got it. It was all done at the Disney Studios and it was fake. The buildings are still there hidden by giant mirrors. No, the buildings were never built in the first place. The buildings were big mirrors and they just broke the mirrors and pretended all those people died. Or maybe it was the pilots. They all had cancer and were dying and that day decided on a big ending. Or the Chinese did it.OK. Maybe it was Native Americans in conspiracy with illegal Mexicans to confuse Americans and get everyone to speak Spanish. But, I am sure you will agree that whatever the real cause, or real villains it sure was not Muslims doing jihad because those guys have a religion of peace.


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